Potentially Reaching the Energetic


Ida Rolf developed a systematic way of looking at and working with the body. Her recipe starts with working the more superficial muscles in the initial sessions to prepare and open the body for deeper work in later sessions.

Unique to Rolfing is integration after opening and releasing the body, creating more space and available movement. The person needs to learn how to use all that new ability and form new, more efficient, graceful and pain-free movement patterns. Integrating the body by teaching it better ways to move allows it to let go of habitual patterns that have led to discomfort. More natural movement patterns can develop that require less energy or extraneous movements, so the body can reach improved alignment. When the body is well aligned, it is able to maintain balance and function in gravity with minimal muscular effort.

To gain successful lasting changes, it is important to work with the principles of Rolfing in mind. Each of the 10 traditional Rolfing sessions focuses on these principles and works particular muscles in a specific order with specific goals. As an Advanced Rolfer and Physical Therapist, Jennifer is able to adhere to the Rolfing principles while having the expertise to design personalized sessions suitable for each person. Her sessions may involve addressing superficial and deep muscles to affect the whole musculoskeletal system in the same session.

Jennifer uses her Rolfing and PT evaluation skills to construct the sessions (often re-evaluating and adjusting while she is working). Recognizing what is realistic for each person’s body while addressing the goals for seeking Rolfing helps direct the sessions as well. In this way, she does not follow the recipe or formula for each session but rather sees the body as it is presented. Her sessions are highly specific, addressing the needs of each individual.