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To gain successful changes through Rolfing, it is important to work according to the principles of Rolfing. Each of the 10 sessions focuses on these principles. In traditional Rolfing, each session works particular muscles in a specific order with specific goals. Many advanced Rolfers, however, are able to adhere to the Rolfing principles while having the expertise to design personalized sessions suitable for each person according to the states of the body, mind and/or spirit on any given day.
Jennifer uses her ability to evaluate and determine what would be most beneficial for the client while working within the time frame available (10 sessions, 3 sessions, "fix it" session or a more flexible schedule). Recognizing what is realistic for each person while addressing their goals for seeking Rolfing helps direct the sessions. In this way, she does not follow a set structure for each session, but rather sees the body as it is presented. Her sessions are highly specific, addressing the needs of each individual.

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